Social Leads Software FAQ Video

We try to provide all the answers that you might have in this video below.
So if you wonder how this software delivers such amazing hot social media leads check the video below.

You’ve Asked and We’ve Answered – Here Are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Lead?

    A lead is a new prospect or lead for your business. Using our advanced algorithms we scour the socialsphere to find you that lead in your social haystack.
  • What is the difference between Leads and Leads2?

    Leads are leads that come directly from your friends and inner network. This includes pages and companies you follow, your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and more. Lead2 are leads from Facebook and Twitter within your defined geographic radius. They do not have to be friends or followers, but will represent relevant leads within your service area.
  • How do I add more Keywords?

    Click “Keywords” from the TOP Menu and then add new keywords right below where it says ALL Keywords. Once you have entered the keyword press the green + button or Enter on your keyboard to add it.
  • How do I get more Leads?

    Finding more leads has a lot to do with the keywords you select. We always suggest keywords based on your industry and are adding new suggested keywords daily. If you are a plumber don’t simply enter Plumber as a keyword enter words or phrases that people would use to describe your service or when talking about issues related to your service. Examples of this are: “ anyone know of a reputable plumber” “frozen pipes” ,“basement flooded” ,“water in basement” “affordable plumber”. If you want more suggestions use a resource such as to find synonyms and other phrases that describe what you do. You can also use Twitter by logging in to your account and start typing words like plumber and it will automatically suggest popular hashtags that people are using when discussing your industry.
  • How long does it take to start receiving leads?

    Most of our users start receiving Leads within the first week of sign up. This depends on the size of your network, the quality of the keywords and phrases you add, and the overall activity of your network. Our system is constantly searching for new Leads around the clock and the minute we find one we notify you by email in real time. If you are having issues finding leads be sure to contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to help you optimize your account to find you more Leads.
  • What is leads value?

    How much is a new customer worth to you ? Is it $500? $3,000? Enter a value that you think is appropriate for your business and the Leads value will keep track of how much your new leads and prospects may be worth to your bottom line.
  • How can I get additional support?

    We are here to help and have staff available around the clock to service our customers. Send an email to with your specific issue and we will get back to you right away. Alternatively, after logging in you can scroll down on the Dashboard page and use the Feedback box to send us a message.
  • What can the Statistics space tell me?

    The Statistics space provides a very helpful breakdown of how leads is performing for you. By selecting the drop-down menu you can choose to review hourly, daily, weekly or monthly statistics. The orange blocks represent leads while the green lines represent leads2. Scroll over these to find out how many leads or leads2 you received at a given point in time. The Statistics graph can be found in the Dashboard or Analytics section of the site.
  • How do I change my target area(s)?

    If your geographic area(s) of focus changes, you can easily make that update on the leads system. Start by pressing Settings on the menu toolbar. You’ll then see a Location tab. In the space for the location you no longer want, start typing in the name of your new location. The system will start to compile some auto suggestions and you should select the appropriate one. You can choose to filter for results within 5 to 100 miles of that area. When you’re done, press Update Location to save your new settings.
  • What can Analytics tell me?

    The Analytics section is very insightful because it tells you how successful your keyword searches are and helps you keep track of where you stand with your leads. There you can review how many leads and leads2 you received in a given time period, how many leads and leads2 you closed and their average age and how many total leads have resulted from each of your keyword searches. You can also review statistics for your overall leads status (i.e. percentage Attempted, Contacted, Closed, Sent Quote, and Disqualified). In addition, you can see your Response Rate and Average Response Time.
  • How can I set a lead’s status?

    For every leads or leads2, you’re able to set the status of the lead. You’ll find this option under “Set Status” beside each individual lead. Depending on where you are in terms of your pitch, you can set the status to the following: Attempted, Contacted, Sent Quote, Closed, or Disqualified.
  • How do I change my email notification settings?

    You can choose to receive leads notifications once a day as a daily roundup of leads or receive notifications for each lead as it arrives in real time. You can make these changes by going to Settings and then clicking the Notifications tab. There if you want real time alerts you can click “Email all leads in real time”. If you want daily alerts, make sure that box isn’t checked off. Then press Update Notifications to save your settings.Not all your keywords have to be set up for real time alerts. You can pick and choose. Beside each keyword there is a switch that allows you to turn real time alerts on and off. Once you’re happy with what you’ve selected, press Update Notifications.

    You can also change the email address you receive these notifications through. Just type in your preferred email address in the box under the Email Address for Notifications and press Update Notifications.