Lease our software to generate leads on auto pilot – Do It Yourself

Social Media for Lead Generation
Generate Social Media Leads on autopilot This service model is for those entrepreneurs that like to stay in control of their business and online marketing experts. In this model we can give you access to our amazing software. You can setup your own sales lead generating campagne in just a few click with our amazing easy to use software. For a monthly fee you can start using our software as if it was your own. You will receive a login to our software and you can setup you campaign by selec...
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Fully Managed Social Media Leads – Done For You

social lead generation graphic designers
We know that chasing down a new sales lead is hard and very time consuming. Also it can be quite a hassle to generate new business leads since you are focusing on delivering quality work to your existing customers. That is why we provided the Done For You service and it is what it says. We do all the hard work for you and provide you with super hot quality social media leads. We search on Facebook and Twitter for hot leads We filter the social media messages with our intend engine so ...
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Get Leads With Social Media

social media lead generation for business
While no longer a trend, Social Media Marketing is a staple for any business and has been a focus for brand monitoring and management for larger organisations. has created a big boy tool for the little guys that shifts the marketing focus from brand monitoring to generating sales leads to fill the gap. Leads from Social Media convert at a 71% higher rate than traditional lead sources by leveraging relationships and mutual connections to the prospect to provide a...
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