how to generate leads for software development projects

generate leads for mobile app developments

This showcase is about how to generate leads for software development projects for my friend Jason.
By just telling our social leads software to look for developer opportunities the leads are coming in on auto-pilot.

Get Developer Leads from all geographic locations

You are not bound to any geographic locations because with our software you can set the Leads Location to any city in the world.
Especially for a developer this is great for the generation of leads since a developer just needs an internet access point and a laptop to do his job.

Automatic lead generation Notifications

Because social leads software looks for leads in real-time you will be notified by email if you receive another hot quality development lead.
This means you got first Dibs on every lead that comes in.

Complete Lead Analytic Reporting.

The complete Leads Dashboard gives you a quick overview of what is happening with your leads.
You can see the active leads, closed leads, attempted leads and more.
The value of all your leads will be calculated so you can instantly see what the value is of all the leads that the system has gathered for you at that time.

Search for multiple Keywords

Social leads software makes it possible to look for leads on multiple keywords.
A developer could be looking for leads with multiple keywords like: mobile , Java, Developer, C# and other variation.

Get you Social Leads Software access today

Get your licence today and start generating more hot quality development leads on auto-pilot.
With our unlimited leads package you can receive unlimited leads every month.
You can access these leads from any web browser on any device and respond on the leads instantly from within our software.

how to generate leads for software development projects
how to generate leads for software development projects

Imagine the value of unlimited Leads every month.
Even if a lead is only worth 5 dollars then 500 leads would still represent 2500 dollars in Leads and you and I both know that a development lead is way more worth than $5.


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