How to Generate Hot Social Media Leads For Accountants

How can an accountant generate leads with social leads software

This is the question that our own accountant asked before we signed him up for our software.
So lets answer Jim’s question in this Case study:

This is a simple few step plan:

Step 1 : Connect social accounts
After signing up for our software you login to your dashboard and setup your account.
The first step after you login is the configuration of you social media accounts.
This sounds very hard but it involves just clicking a button.

connecting your social media accounts
connecting your social media accounts

This enables our software to reply on hot leads from within the system.
So John the accountant doesn’t have to go to twitter to reply on a lead.
He can do anything from within the software.


Step 2: Configuring your keyword

The best keywords to enter are the keywords that describe John’s service and that would be accountant.
This is also the type of term that people would say or ask in a post.

Step 3 Enter the location of your leads

Enter the location of where you want to search and setup the distance from that location.
This means our software looks for an accountant in London and a distance from 100 miles around london.
You can decrease this distance to pinpoint even more. But that might result in less leads.

Step 4 Watch the leads Generating Software work

This is the best bit. Watch the leads come in realtime.

Step 5 Contacting and closing the leads

In the Social leads software video showcase below you can see that John already generated 3 leads on the keyword accountant these leads where all Red Hot and he followed up on the leads within minutes.
This software generated already generated and closed leads for John.
Quality leads that represent a value to John of $300.

Even if John’s wife wants to move somewhere else John would be able to find hot new business leads for his accountant firm within minutes.
He would just need to adjust the location setting in his account and it hot leads on tap for John.

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