Lease our software to generate leads on auto pilot – Do It Yourself

Generate Social Media Leads on autopilot

This service model is for those entrepreneurs that like to stay in control of their business and online marketing experts.
In this model we can give you access to our amazing software.
You can setup your own sales lead generating campagne in just a few click with our amazing easy to use software.

For a monthly fee you can start using our software as if it was your own.
You will receive a login to our software and you can setup you campaign by selecting some keywords that are related to your business.


For example:
If you are a graphic designer looking for new jobs you can use the keywords graphic designer or Logo designer. 

After you setup your keyword you can select a geographic location for where you want to look for leads.
For a graphic designer you could look for hot business leads in the major cities of the US.
Now you just wait while our cloud based software does the work for you.

Social media leads generation software

Easy and Realtime response on Social Media LeadsNew leads generated on auto-pilot

When a new lead is received in the system you will be notified by email and you will see the new lead in your socialleadssoftware control panel.

You can even select the option to receive all hot leads in real time in your mailbox.

Good lead management is like money in the bank

Imagine the value of the leads that this software just created for you.
If you normally pay for Google Adwords advertising then you know that it takes a lot of money just to get some great leads to your website.
A normal PPC campaign costs a lot of money and you don’t really get leads.
You do get visitors to your website, but not all the visitors that click the links have the intention to buy.

And THIS is what makes our software different.
SocialLeadsSoftware filters all the social media messages with our intend engine and this results in Hot Quality Leads for your business.

This software provides you with all the details about the lead that you want to know.
And you can reply on the leads within seconds all from within our Social Leads Dashboard.

Because our software provides leads on auto-pilot you can focus on doing what you love like building your business.
All this saved time and frustration is not the only value that a lead represents.
One lead stands for income that you could generate from this contact.

A lot of leads means a lot of growth in your business.

Quality Leads over Quantity Leads

Think about what you would like more, 10 leads a day that don’t always lead to a sale, or would you like to receive 10 high quality leads a month.
Not only are the leads offered by other companies and software of less quality they often don’t close at all.

Following up on a lead takes time so that is why we prefer handing you red hot quality leads instead of loading you with thousands of possible leads.

Follow up on leads in minutes

Following up on a Social media lead is usually quite hard.
But not with

  • Reply in minutes on live Social leads
instantly reply social media leads
instantly reply social media leads

 Manage Your Leads within Social Leads Software

Manage every lead with the build-in Lead CRM system.

Complete Lead Management CRM System included
Complete Lead Management CRM System included



Complete realtime Lead generation Statistics

Do you wonder what the reaction time is to contact and close a deal?
With our Real time Social lead capturing software you reaction time can be minutes rather then hours and with the integrated analytic dashboard you can keep track of all your stats .

Keep track of your respons time

Keep track of the response time to leads
Keep track of the response time to leads.
Social Leads Software customer dashboard Social Leads Software customer dashboard








We Provide 3 different packages and our advice always is to grow as you go.

Upgrading to more keywords, locations, leads and social media is always possible.